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Juice and Carpet Juice and Carpet

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Tsk, tsk.

So, you take the greatest Jews alive, make them scream horribly to extract their blood, sell it to people, and not care. You then proceed to fuck with the customer, attempting to sell a butter-fly, then selling him a viscous duck, then going back to business. And this is funny how? You compare yourself to the comedy icon "Monty Python", I cannot believe that. The Pythons would make fun of people, but this is going too far, this is torturing a tortured people for fun. I cannot understand how this became top rated.

If any Newground's staff reads this, you should start rating audio alongside games and animations, as this is not something that should automatically be played on the audio homepage. This, I believe is the equivalent of playing a "Meet n' Fuck" game on the flash homepage. And by the way, I agree with you on "What the... top of the week!" , except for I have added more expletives.

One last piece of advice, try something original, and something not offensive. Those who laughed at the Jew part, without any feelings, you sicken me.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Chickenfoot117 says """Sorry, i really wish newgrounds would let you edit reviews. I was going to change it, when I wrote it I was in one of those moods where everything is stupid, so yeah, it's funny, and slightly reminiscent of Monty Python. Sorry. I'll rate it 5 stars"""


Well, I am surprised that this actually does offend you if you look so deeply into it. Monty python would do stuff like this. In fact they made fun of how people are offended when the word n****r or jew is used. They made it into a song called "Never Be Rude to an Arab" that goes like this:

Never be rude to an Arab,
An Israeli, or Saudi, or Jew,
Never be rude to an Irishman,
No matter what you do.
Never poke fun at a N****r,
A Spik, or a Wop, or a Kraut,
And never put down...

I do not compare myselfs to the gods of comedy, I said that some reviews do.

If you were to really understand what is offensive and what isnt, you would understand that this is not offensive at all. You are only stating it is offensive because you think I am torturing Jews. If I had replaced the word "Jews" with "White Caucasians" you wouldnt have cared at all. You would have said, "I dont get it" because white caucasian sounds nothing like juice.

The only reason I choose the word "Jews" was because it sounds much like "Juice" It really annoys me when people are offended just because the word "Jew" or "Black person" is used. This skit is meant to simply be a ridiculous and obsurd chain of puns and sillyness. It is meant to make you laugh, not to make fun of Jews. Did you know that whites were the first to be sold as slaves in Europe? The romans would sell millions of whites into slavery, rape them, murder them, and do the most senile things imaginable. Blacks were discovered in Africa by Europeans, and then transported throught the world. The same thing happened to them to. Rape, murder, all of the bad stuff.

Oh but if I say JEWS then its offensive right? Because millions were killed oh nooo, that means anything with Jews in it is offensive right? If the main character in a movie is Jewish and he gets murdered its offensive to you? If in a comedy a nerd in school that is beaten up is Jewish its offensive?

Anyway, my point is that something isnt offensive just because JEWS are used. I find it hilarious that you find even the duck offensive ahahahah. I am not sure if your trolling or not but hey I felt like typing a bunch.